Freedom is an immersive installation created by Will Johnson and Sage Jenson. Geographically centered around the Owens Valley, CA, the installation draws on themes including displacement, internment, and curatorial facades. Freedom uses physically-based synthesis and 3D scans recorded on site to transform geometry into an interactive sounding medium. This project was made possible through a Flint Initiative Grant from the Oberlin Conservatory. Freedom was presented at Oberlin Conservatory’s Talbertronics Festival in March 2017.



William Johnson is a composer and visual artist from Bowling Green, KY. Musically, Will is interested in noise, ambiance, improvisation, and the physiological effects of sound. His debut cassette CRAWL is available on Holy Page Records. Will is also part of a folk duo, Fawn, who just released their first EP: “Neither Dog Nor Car.” Will expects to graduate from Oberlin Conservatory in 2017 with a degree in Technology in Music and Related Arts. After Oberlin, Will plans to move to Boston where he can devote time to Fawn, and pursue a career in audio engineering.

Sage Jenson is a multimedia artist interested in constructed realities. A member of the class of Oberlin College and Conservatory ‘17, Sage is majoring in mathematics, computer science, and TIMARA (technology in music and related arts). They work with interactive media, dance and movement, video art, and sound spatialization. Sage’s academic interests include computer graphics and physical simulation, with papers including “Organic Mesh Creation through Particle-Based Simulation,” published in Bridges Conference ‘16. After Oberlin, Sage will pursue a PhD in computer graphics and massively parallel computing.

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